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Majestic Wine - Part 2

Welcome to the second part of the Majestic Wine case, handpicked mixed-12 according to my rules. A quick summary of what I chose can also be found here:

We had to catch up on the whites this week after devouring three reds last week, but threw in a cheeky red and a Cava also. And there were some beauties...

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Villa Maria, Private Bin Riesling, Marlborough, 2009
The "Private Bin" series wines are the entry level wines for this brand. This Riesling comes from vineyards scattered amongs the Wairau and Awatere valleys of Marlborough on the North East coast of New Zealand's South Island. 12.5% alcohol.

The Look: A very pale wine with lemon highlights and almost water-white at the rim.

The Smell: Quite restrained at first but this was straight from the fridge and pretty cold. Did develop smells of lemon/lime, sweet apples and maybe some melon or peach.

The Taste: Wow! A big hit of fruit and lively, refreshing, acidic "tanginess". Green apples, peach and  a lemon/lime citrus burst. Pleasing in the mouth and gorgeous! The only thing (and this is a very slight thing) that lets it down is that after the 2nd or 3rd glass, the acidity did start to become a little mouth-puckering and grated slightly. However, with food I think this would not be noticeable.

The Score: I dont use the term lightly; this is a kick-ass wine. Only £7.99? Really? Sssshhhh don't tell anybody and we can snap it up before the price rises... 8.5/10. Highly Recommended.

VFM: At £7.99  a bottle this is fantastic value; VFM = 1.06. This is what it's all about, great tasting wine at a great price. Bravo.


Verdiccio dei Castelli di Jesi, Monte Schiavo, Italy, 2009
From the hilly Marches DOC area of Italy on the Adriatic coast. The "Classico" on the label suggests it is from one of the oldest districts of the region. 13% alcohol.

The Look: A pale yellow with straw-coloured hints. Almost water-white at the rim.

The Smell: Very similar to a Sauv Blanc, citrussy, slightly grassy with a herby/minerally edge to it.

The Taste: A nice, fresh acidity. Good balance of fruit with abundant nectarine, grape-juice and grapefruit. Lovely. Went well with our bacon-wrapped Cod fillets wiht Rosemary. Not incredibly long, More "minerally restrained" than a "fruit bomb". A very good, food-friendly white or equally at home on its own.

The Score: Good stuff, plainly and simply. 7.5/10. Recommended

VFM: At £7.49  a bottle, again, this is GREAT value VFM =1.0.


Neblina, Carmenere, Central Valley, 2009
Valle Central , as the Chileans say, is directly across the Andes from Argentina's Mendoza region. A real bargain wine here (£5.99), let's see if it's any good... 13% alcohol.

The Look: A deep, plummy purple turning to a bright lipstick red at the rim.

The Smell: Smells smoky and meaty with lots of plum character. Also faint hint of violets/floral whiffs.

The Taste: Very much like it smells; spicy, smoky plum. Fairly bright acidity, some decent tannin. All in all, quite well integrated. Not a bad drop. D said "very drinkable". 

The Score: Very good for the price!. 6.5/10.

VFM: At £5.99  a bottle this is again gives great value at VFM = 1.0


Codorniu, Seleccion Raventos, Cava, NV
A traditional Champagne method sparkler here from the Catalan region (I've just returned from Barcelona and criminally, didn't try any local Cavas whilst there!). This particular cuvée is to celebrate 125 years of Cava-making .11.5% alcohol.

The Look: Pale straw-yellow with greenish highlights.

The Smell: Smells citrussy, with cakey-sweetness. Champagne flutes are not the best for smelling - I should have used my tasting glasses!

The Taste: Taste is citrussy-fresh, good acidity, fine bubbles. Some apples and pears and a long finish that is biscuity or cakey. Can definitely pick out the Chardonnay..

The Score: Very good. Better than some £20 Champagnes we've had and this is only £6.99 Cava!. 7.5/10. Recommended

VFM: At £6.99  a bottle this is again gives superb value at VFM = 1.07. A great (and much cheaper) alternative to Champagne.

So, there we have the second part. Very good indeed with three great wines. Value and quality at the same time? Majestic are shaping up to be a good merchant.

Next time, to finish off the case, there remains a Kiwi Pinot Rosé, a Cote du Rhone and a Rioja Blanco. A potentially fine finish? If current form is anything to go by then yes!

As always...

Speak to you soon.



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