Monday, 16 May 2011

What do you think...?

Hello All!

I'd like for you to help me out. I'm in a bit of a quandary over the format of the Blog. If you have an opinion then please feel free to express it by voting below. Or, if you're opinion is not summarised by the options below then please feel free to post a comment.

Tasting notes are increasingly frowned-upon in the wine press. However, I feel that they convey succinctly what the sensory experience was like for the wine in question. Given, wine is very subjective and I'm well-aware that we all have different tastes. So are they of any use to you? Do you find them boring or helpful? I also write the occasional story about some of our wine-related experiences. Do you like them and want to see more of them, or rather hang yourself with barbed wire? Would you like to more background into the wines themselves, the vinification, the winemakers and their dogs etc? Or would you rather just know if a wine is worth the £10 on the bottle or a pile of....

Let me know. It's in my interest to listen, so be frank! And thanks in advance for participating! If I get a good turn out I may run another to see where to pitch it. For example, if you know loads about wine and find it patronising or whether you would like to know the difference between a Pouilly-Fume and a Pouilly-Fuisse?

Thanks again.

What do you think...?
I like it! Keep up the tasting notes/occasional story format.
It's ok. I'd prefer some more in-depth articles occasionally though.
I don't like it - tasting notes are boring. I want to see more wine writing!
Er, I don't know, I've just stumbled across it now.
Er, I just wanted to leave some abuse 'cos I seen it on Facebook! free polls

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